Every dog has a unique style – let’s show it!


Welcome to a world where truly everyone can express their gorgeous, positive and powerful personality in their own unique style. Everyone, including your furry friend. 

Because just like you, your dog is unique. They’re like a mini person with their own character, their own likes and dislikes, their little dramas and super excited moments. Let’s celebrate that with accessories that show who they are on the outside!

DOGGUO celebrates your dog’s unique personality with beautifully made and outspoken accessories.

  • The founders

    Veerle Schuyt & Jet Raven founded DOGGUO in 2021 on the belief that dogs deserve style choices too. As fashion and interior lovers themselves, Jet and Veerle felt that dog fashion was in dire need of some TLC. They wanted to do away with boring and old and bring in color, creativity and class. From their own experiences in fashion and styling, Jet and Veerle know that fashion can be a force for good. The right accessories can empower women and their furry friends by showing off their unique and beautiful personalities. At DOGGUO, we want to create a world where dogs and their bosses can express who they are by what they wear.